Lullabies July 12, 1972-11A

Recording #11A

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 12, 1972


Informant: Paul Abulla

Date of Transcript: August 2, 1972; Direct conversation

1 000 Agwaga.

Information: Mentions the names of the people. Against a certain village. Mentions the names of those they killed from that side.

2 021 Agwaga.

Information: From Ajwara. Against Adongo. They killed a certain fellow named Aqui (Akway).

Text: There are strong people in Ajwara. All the people of Ajwara are equal in fighting.

3 046 Dancing song (Love song)

Text: Where can I get demoui, it is better for me to go to certain people called Kari.

4 054 Dancing Song.

Information: Mentions then names of those of that village. (Sung by girl) Repeated.

5 071 Dancing Song.

Information: Probably from Ajwara. At dancing, people wear cloths of different colors on either side of body.

Text: I think there is a certain girl in that village. Better to come back to her own village. I’m worried about that girl who is not with us now. Mentions the names of the people of the village. All Anuaks said to me that this song which I wrote, I wrote it for myself. I think no one will give me something even thought I have included their names in my song. Certain girl, better to give me something to be had by all Anuaks. Song says, you better tie up your clothes now so that you will be ready to go to the dance.

6 148 Lullaby. Dancing song.

Information: This could be sung for a baby, but the main idea was not for the baby.

Text: There is a certain girl named Abong. Nobody can compare with her. She is like God.

7 157 Lullaby.

Information: Mentions the name of her father and mother. Could also be a dancing song.

Text: Saying, I will not spend this year. How can we solve this problem?

8 176 Lullaby.

Information: Asking the baby not to cry. Mentions the name of the baby.

9 201 Lullaby.

Information: A real lullaby as the above. She has 3 children all of them girls, this one is the fourth and it is a boy.

Text: He was given by God.

10 234 Love song.

Information: Heard before.

Text: Why don’t you tell me you refuse so that I can get a better one? Mentions the name of her friend. Repeats.

11 281 Love Song. Dancing song.

Information: They were about to go, but they did not.

Text: Mentions the name of a person. Telling her friend that your husband has gone to a certain place.

12 300 Love Song.

Text: I received a letter from my boyfriend. What am I going to do, if you refuse me, I will get a better one (This phrase is found commonly) Repeats.

13 330 Dancing Song.

Information: Against the young people. In Anuak area, there are some people among the young boys that will confuse the girls. They say I am going to marry you, after that they will deny it, and escape to another village. This song is an indication of this. Boys will confuse the girls, I am going to marry you, then after 6 months, he will deny, I am not going to marry you.

Text: Now, don’t refuse the old man (or rich man.) If you refuse him and agree with young boy, you will be confused. She is telling people, if you stay with a poor person, he may steal something from a person and you may be arrested when he runs away so, don’t stay with a poor man.

14 351 Love song.

Information: A person who has no father needs to be married. If he marries, He will not get demoi because he has no father.

Text: I don’t sleep by night. I’m worried about my boyfriend. Love song against the rich man. The rich man used to give many demoui to be the father, but let him not agree. Allow the poor man to get her instead. Mentions the names of the people.

15 403 Love Song.

Information: Talks about Ningyoni. Her friend was married by Omot. The first part talks about Ningyoni that he went to a certain place.

16 422 Agwaga

Information: Mentions the names of those who were in fighting and those they killed.

17 447 Obero.

Information: Mentions the names of the people.

Text: All Anuaks in this area says that the chief doesn’t know how to rule. Asks the king to give him something. You people better listen to my song. Now we are not strong enough to fight, years ago our fathers and grandfathers were, but we are not. What happened to us?

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