FOCUS Page 9 A Children's song about fishing

09 Track 9.mp3

The Setting: This game song would be sung with the children sitting in a circle and one child in the middle. As the children finish a singing of the chant, the child in the middle would quickly sweep her hand around the circle to catch someone who is not quick enough to draw their hand behind their back after clapping the rhythm. Anyone caught would replace the child in the center.

The Song: About 15 young girls – ages 8-12 approximately playing at Pokwo. When the lady’s fish they use something like a basket. The ladies use a basket, the men use a spear and the small children use their hands, putting them into the water and catch fish. This kind of song is known everywhere in the Anuak area. Children play these games the same everywhere.

The Text: Mother, pull the fishing basket strongly. My mother caught a fish with it.