Obero August 3, 1972 - 37B Tierlul

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #37B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: August 3, 1972


Informant: Paul Abulla, Henry Akway from Pochalla

Date of Transcript: September 16, 1972

1 000 Obero.

Information: For a dead king from Ajwara. King called Cham (Kings are named according to their mothers – last name is the name of the mother.) Abori. This king was tall, huge, big eyes, brave. He is boasting, supposed he had been killed by a living thing, he would not have been buried alone he would have been buried with people (He died in Malakal I the hospital taken there for treatment) They don’t know if he died of sickness or what.) Odorio: thunder. Without rain. Then all the kings become suspicious. Am I going to die?

Text: Why should the Anuaks be proud? Why should they be neglected? He has been left by his father to rule here. You have killed his father, don’t bring these corruptions here. And try to kill him again indirectly. He is going to rule even for more than ten years. (Feeling of the people that he is still alive. Not really ruling but ruling in their hearts.) Put some other people – praising somebody, informing him about his work: he has done something good for them. (Some days back had gone with that king on a fight.) Informed people that the people he has killed could not be counted. Nobody knows the exact number. Thanking the first man praised before. Praising the structure of the king: long neck, handsome, born for us. Important to praise the structure of the king. You leave some crops for next year, praising the son of this man who took the power. He walks like his father which part of Anuak do they not know that we have a very handsome king and brave. (Crops for next year means: you better leave us some good people who can rule us like you. Some sons: these are the crops mentioned) He has gone for good, but at the time he died, we didn’t ask the king for anything, we were surprised of a telegram coming from Malakal to Akobo, I Know that when he was taken by the Sudan Government, the king had been sentenced to death. An assumption. Praised about two people, how could I go to the new king and bow down, the liars have surrounded the king talking of something against me. Praised 3 people: went back saying, the village which is divided into 4 parts nothing good can come of this. Still praising the dead king. Gone back to the structure. Praised some people, OK if people are making corruptions, I must make corruptions also. Talking against the liars mentioned before.

2 045 Dudbuli:

Information: Praising the son of the king, Obanho Wala Akane (means hidden) this man died, brother, Andrew took his place. Before father’s death, he was in Anyanya.

Text: Praised the king, title of crocodile. The crock has become very serious and prevented people from fishing. Your poorness has been heard by all the Anuaks (Meaning himself) Praised many people. I’m sure that my first song is not correct, there is a mistake in the song, went back to the lady praising her. Praised some people who have gone back to the battlefield, praised what they have been doing there. Praised his friend saying he is my best friend. Then he went back to the lady, the wife of this man. Wife of the friend, saying she’s a good lady, our everlasting wife. praised more than 2 girls, praising you with all my heart. I have left nothing out. Praised a certain girl, informed somebody, everybody is picking up his spear for you (not for the lady) Means the king. Informing the king. I’ve not asked God to become poor, but it was His will to make me such. You are going to live more like a mountain, long. Praising the king, when he came with an airplane, we all welcomed him. Now praising the king. Give me something, when you give me you ae going to satisfy me and I am going to become rich. Praising the wife of the king. You are our mother. Informing somebody that its very bad for people to talk about you. You better marry and then people will consider you. When you don’t have a wife, have to wait. Can’t invite people. Then there is food for everybody. Then easy to go along with the life. What is wrong with this man. He doesn’t marry. Praising the king still. He’s going to give me a cow. You can never become proud because of demoui. You never know what will happen tomorrow. Perhaps you will die and a poor man will gain the riches.

3 095 Dancing song with women.

Information: Pokwomo. Women of Abol. Pounding on long sticks.

4 127 Drum beat Awawa.

Information: Not a good drummer.

5 293 Dudbuli.

Information: Tape speed inconsistent due to batteries giving out.

Recording #37B2

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: August 3, 1972


Informant: Agwa Alemo

Date of Transcript: April 20, 1973

1 000 Obero.

Information: For the leader, one king. People did not consider the king as a leader. The singer informed the people to honor him and consider him as the king because he was left by his father.

Text: The things you have done to his father (WOGILO) may I not be repeated to him again. A man named after a pelican. There are no old pelicans. They always look young. A way of praising this man in the song. Those who were killed by the king were not seen by many people. (He killed many people) Praising he died of poison. If he was murdered, he would have died with many people. It is because of his death that made everybody roam about in all parts of the rivers. (Those who were under his control separated because of his death) When I was about to reach the village I saw or I heard the beating of the drum. When I asked what was happening in the village, they answered that our leader died. A man in the village AGIERA by name, when you heard of the death of our leader who informed you, who made you sure to known the death. AGEERA answered, he heard in the telegram coming from Khartoum to us. Where am I supposed to go? The collection of the liars is there now where I was supposed to live. Inform them that our village is destroyed what was the reason. That our leader was murdered by the government. Because of the death of our best leader, being a bad person is easy. It is easy to be a bad person. We will complicate everything in the village also as the liars are doing (King MEDHO).

2 083 Dudbul.

Information: Telling about when the king gives out the price. If everybody sees a boy who is not able to get money for his marriage, they will hit him) No one will be glad to hear that boy is after your daughter.

Text: A person who is named after a crocodile. Who is going to give me the price? Your poorness is – makes everybody feel sad. Those who don’t know Ajwara, will hear the song that is sung for the NGWOCTHOO generation (the generation that boasts for war in the village) There are very small fishes (a person named after these small fishes. Our love will never last without this man who is named after these small fishes. The wife of this man, they were supposed to send message to her like a telegram. To let her come back. The husband of this lady is very poor and has nothing to pay the singer says, I would like to push you in the bank of a rich person to collect money for your marriage. All Anuaks now are picking up their spear to kill you because of your poorness. Informing the girl, we didn’t beg our poorness is in our generation. (It was natural not something that they can get out of. The leader himself when he came back from MALAKAL, he was expected to give out something prices to the people. One boy in the village the singer said, before you marry, people say that you are weak. But now you better marry some that everybody can hear it. The one who has requested to marry was blamed by a singer during the dancing, you don’t show yourself in dancing but you step away from dancing. Our king I hope he will give me a price to release me from my poorness. Demoui will never reach everybody but God will stop the lies about demoui. Rich will remain rich and poor will remain poor.

3 173 Dancing song.

Information: Includes two things: boasting and dancing. This song found all over Anuak area. When people go to dance or make a competition between the village when they defeated, they will boast in this king of song saying the thing we said, is true. Always. Women dancing at POKWOMO.

Text: The thing we said is true said over and over. When they sing it for the leader, they can name the leader with the animal names making the leader glad and he will dance and shoot bullets.

4 232 Drum beat. Awawa.

Information: They are taking the chief as their father. During the dancing, it is common in the song sung by the girls – the drummer is always included. When the mention the chief they also mention the drummer to make him glad.) 2 people are drumming with 3 drums. Considered a good drummer. Those who are living along Baro river the beat drums differently than those who live along the Gilo and Adongo. Along Gilo river and Adongo have the same beat. Baro river use elbow mostly. Gilo and Adongo and villages beyond do not use the elbow. Along the Baro river the drummers beat quickly. Along the Gilo river they beat with a medium speed. The dancing is faster therefore along the Baro.

Text: You are our father as well as our mother, repeating. Praising the chief After his grandfather or uncle, repeating. Keep beating the drummer to make it clear to everybody. Song changes. Girls say I am surprised at this dancing. There is only one either only one boyfriend or only one leader

5 526 Dudbul.

Information: If your brother or relative is named in this part you will jump in place of him if he is missing. (Tape speed inconsistent.) If the two villages are going to compete, the people will make beer and prepare for something to be eaten for those that are going to be there. Before they dance, they will eat everywhere I the village. After they dance the girl who selects you will take care of you. Make food or beer. Those two came from another village will arrange something there may be some who would not be selected. They will arrange themselves into groups. Those who are selected will divided themselves into equal parts. Will say this group will say they must eat and those there. The girls will eat with those boys they select from that village. (As tape progresses, it becomes more distorted due to batteries wearing out.)