July 15, 1972-15A Hymnbook

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Audio Recording 15A

Recording #15A

Place of Recording: Pokwo

Date of Recording: July 15, 1972

Performance: Anuak Hymnbook: recording of Pokwo church congregation

Informant: Paul Abulla and Henry Akway

Date of Transcript: September 16, 1972

1 000 No. 82 Anuak Hymnbook. Agwaga.

Text: O God, I’m begging Jesus since I know he is going to return back, he is going to dissolve the sins. We’ll get everlasting life. We have to pray to God to let him keep us healthy. We’ll be praying during the Christmas day in the morning, Our Jesus is up in heaven. He is the one who has died for us. Our helper. After 3 days he rose up. We are now in sin but we trust in him. We will get everlasting life. Even though you sin when you walk in the forest, or with our people, still you have to pray to Jesus. You leave Adola. He who believes Satan is destroying himself. Let us pray to God and his Son. 012 repeats. 022 repeats.

2 031 No. 83 Anuak hymnbook: Obero.

Text: The Son of God, you are the great one who introduced life to us. We refused the idols, untrue gods. The help has come to choose those who have believed in him. Jesus has made the sacrifice on the cross but now he is in Paradise. In heaven there is no death. All people are sinning but he who will catch up his heart or not sinning, he who can ignore temptation, God could give him life. The helper will come and is sent by his father. Jesus we are talking of your name every day we are talking about our father. Those who have believed in him just know that this is the right way. Let us leave sinning. Repeating.

3 061 No. 84 Anuak Hymnbook: Obero.

Text: Our father Jesus, the owner of everything, something blessed and handed down to our son. Jesus is left by the father to us. I’m begging our heavenly father, but he has joined all nations together because all people are asking for him. I’m your servant. We are your servants. Everybody is talking of your name. Our Jesus when he was crucified on the cross, the cross has become our covering for our sins. Jesus is the son of God, you are my mother and my father. I’m still begging you. Repeats.

4 092 No. 85 Anuak Hymnbook. Obero. Mary Akela.

Text: All people let us try to ask God. Confess to him what we have done, our mistakes. Jesus the son of God. He is the chief of Heaven. But the devil is a thief; he has no home or kingdom at all. You are the king of heaven as well as our helper. When the time will come, we will hear trumpets and Odolla (drum beat for a king) We shall know that the day of our father has come. Our father’s son Jesus does not ask people for food. (we are not begging you but asking for your health) don’t stay more, please we are asking you to come to us. Be near to our priest (or evangelist or teacher) when they teach us or preach the Bible. Because we were in darkness, we want you to take us into light. The devil is like a thief, whenever he looks to Jesus, let me assure you that pain and eating food could never be combined together. How can we combine the two, pain and eating food? A petition, you gentlemen pray to God, you girls pray to God. Where ever the Bibles meet together, happiness is there (if you come with your Bible and you come with yours) Happiness is there. Repeats.

5 138 No. 86. Anuak Hymnbook: Agwaga.

Text: When shall our God come and wash all the sins away. My father tries to know my poorness relating to sin. We have remained scattered, loose, with no strength after the death of Jesus. But God will give us back our Jesus. (Phrase repeats) Satan is a thief. He does ruin the thoughts of brothers. Whatever he thinks every time he thinks of quarrels and fighting. Jesus, son of God, I look to you or face you as my God. The son of our heavenly God who has created people and brought people together. Now informed the people: love is bringing back by our God. There is only one house that has been built by God on this earth. He has died for us. That house is the church. You believe in the soul. That he is owning…the keys are with him. We are going to pray to God, the helper. You help our poorness. The soil has spoiled the body. (in other words there is too much death. Death has come through sin. Satan is a thief, he has no home in heaven. If you disturb your mind, and try to pray, he will never take you like people. You will stand in fire with him together. (He has the power, you will burn with him.) Repeats.

6 190 No. 87. Anuak hymnbook. Agwaga.

Text: Asking God, why don’t you destroy sins, remove sins to let us become healthy or good. We are praying to him, to let him lead us into a good life. (Good prayers) Jesus the owner of everything, but if you believe in Satan then you will be destroyed. A snake, the animals of the forest has deceived us. We have eaten the fruit. But still people are making beer and singing. When the drum is beaten, we sing to God, give me belief that Jesus is great. He’s going to live for a long time. All of us, let us believe in him, and trust him. He’s going to return sometime. The devil is a thief, has deceived you, you are making beer for him, you love the worldly idols, you’ll find death and pain. But the Savior is still in heaven. I will ask him, when he comes, he will wash our sins. (He’s going to live for a long time: he will remain in heaven until many are exhausted) Repetition.

7 237 No. 88. Anuak Hymnbook. Agwaga.

Information: A new song.

Text: O father, my Lord, Savior. The father in the morning, he rose up, Jesus tried to forgive me and wash away my sins. You believe in Jesus, when he shall return back, there will be a great sound of drums and trumpets all over the world, when heaven will be opened. In the name of Jesus all the angels of heaven shall come to earth. Repetition.

8 274 No. 89. Anuak hymnbook.

Information: Mary Akela? A new song.

Text: The blood of Jesus is equivalent to the sins we have committed on this earth. So, believe in Him. He who has given his life. Believe in him. He has taught all the nations of the world. He was crucified on the cross but his father brought him up after 3 days. The angels of heaven will come to earth. Repetition.

9 307 No. 90. Anuak hymnbook. Mary Akela.

Information: New song. These three songs are not interesting. Not like the first ones. The meanings are not clear. Like children’s songs. Most of Mary’s songs are not good. She does not work on it to make it good (Informant opinion).

Text: You help me in my poorness – asking God this. Jesus has rose up into heaven. I’m still looking to you and your son. Asking you, when we hear the sound of trumpets we shall be looking up. Heaven is made out of gold. People all the time are talking about your name. Jesus is great. I’m still asking, believe in him. Repetition

10 349 No 91. Anuak Hymnbook: Mary Akela.

Text: All of you, all the people we have been called by God, through Jesus Christ. You are very important to us, we are very eager. All the nations are under you. You are God, wash out our sins. Help me. Jesus is sitting on the throne in heaven. The world will last. The world will not end until you do. All the people are still looking at you. Repetition.

11 398 No. 92. Anuak Hymnbook:

Text: O God, the head of every creature, you unite us as one body. He has defended his home or his creatures. Come to us. Wash all our sins. All of you believe in him who has sent his son to us. What has been preached by God is that leave all of these earthly things. Wealth, or making beer to idols. Whatever the Bible tells you, never be surprised of it. Don’t get surprised, it is a book of life, the book of life has come to us now, a new thing has come, you women and girls and men all come and join us. Our father is happy when all of you are healthy. (Spiritually) We have believed in him and he shall wash out our sins. Repetition.