Agwagas July 14, 1972 - 14B Opanya

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #14B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 18, 1972

Performance: various individuals

Informant: Paul Abulla

Date of Transcript: August 4, 1972; Direct conversation

1 000 Agwaga.

Information: Fellow singing. War song. The same song repeated. Started again from the beginning. At end says, this is work very hard work. Let someone come and help me in singing.

Text: Mentions the names of those who were in the fighting. We went to the village and burned down the houses. Talks about the beer: ladies are going to make beer for us. The speaking voice: we have to fight. In fighting itself, we used to capture the men.

2 066 Dancing song. (second fellow)

Text: Begging the chief to give him something. You better give me something so that I won’t go away talks about the wife of the chief. If I go to her, maybe she will give me something. Mentions the names of the people. Repeats.

3 108 Agwaga. (1st fellow again)

Information: A song against a lady.

Text: Your daughter was killed because of a certain fellow. Talks about the chief. You are with the chief.

4 128 Agwaga. (another fellow)

Information: Against the Galla people. Talks about Ojungo (Pokomo fought with the Galla people. Many of the Gallas were killed. Ojungo was on the Galla side (though an Anuak) but was not killed. Instead, he ran away, this song is against Gowanda)

Text: All Anuaks want to fight with us. But they will not burn down our houses. All the Anuaks are against them. The bodyguards are fighting. We must fight with the Galla and destroy Gambela within 3 days. Talks about the liars. These liars are ready to go to the chief saying that these people are doing bad things but the chief did not listen to him. If they come (the Amhara) to us, we will kill all of them. In our place now, we have no chief. I’m going to beg the chief. God will give me something. We will not leave them we must fight against the Galla.

5 194 Agwaga. (another fellow)

Information: Against those of Openo. (at that time those of Lul in the Gilo river area (perhaps were fighting those of Openo. Very short.

6 206 Dancing song.

Text: Mentions the names of his friends and including the beautiful girls. A certain lady called…he said to her…better to invite us. In our group, all of us married. Continues to mention the names of his friends and the beautiful girls. Repeats. (break) Starts again from the beginning.

7 332 Dancing song (another fellow)

Information: Accompanied with other singers.

Text: Mentions the names of the beautiful girls.