July 4, 1972 - 3A Pokwo Mary's Bead Shop

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Inside Mary Akela's Bead shop.

Pokwo church and the lead drummer.

Anuak Project

Recording #3A

Place of Recording: Pokwo – Mary’s Bead Shop and Pokwo Church service

Date of Recording: July 4, 1972

Informant: Agwa Alemo

  1. 000 Obero (Hymn)

Text: Informing the people: The Son of God is in heaven who carries our sins by himself. He is the Savior and he is also our father. When he comes back, don’t believe in his presence. When he comes don’t believe; believe before he come. We have to believe in his absence, the absence of our chief. Then, when he comes, he will save everybody. Repeats.

  1. 040 Obero.

Text: God, Jesus Christ, who is the head of all things, I’m begging you. God who blessed lives far away from the people. The people are still clinging to his name. He is the chief of chiefs who unites all countries. Jesus who is the father and mother at the same time who died on the cross, I’m still begging you. Repeats.

  1. 078 Agwaga.

Text: God, I’m begging you in the name of Jesus. Begging you in the name of the Son of God. The blood of Jesus is great which unites all the countries. Leave the way of the devil and take the way of Jesus who is the chief of chiefs. Which all the countries stand on, which all the countries depend on for heaven. Repeats.

  1. 135 Agwaga.

Information: A kind of information to the people.

Text: We are called by God in the name of Jesus. In the name of the Son of God who is precious to us and which all the countries depend on. Jesus lives on the chair in heaven. The Son of God, leave my sins. Repeats. Jesus who lives in heaven on the chair. Jesus who all countries depend on or stands on him. Repeats.

  1. 188 Agwaga.

Text: When I see the blood of Jesus in our sin. He is fit to give himself who is the father of the earth. Believe him who gave himself. And who is the father of the earth. All precious treasure. He’s the father of all precious treasure in heaven. He is the savior. He teaches the people while he is awaiting us. He was put on the cross but the angels of God come to take him away. His father raised him up after 3 days. Repeats.

  1. 253 Pokwo Church Service:


Information: Solo leader, drums and congregation.

Text: When Jesus takes the spirit, he will make another person. When Jesus takes the spirit, he will make another person. Praise in your heart, believe Jesus the son of God. Believe him truly to get a new life. We are poor, Jesus Christ save us, save us or help us help us. Sins make us poor, help us help us. We would praise you the son of God to give us a new spirit. And Jesus died on the cross for the bad things which was true to save the earth and the heaven. He is sent by God and Mary.

  1. 277 Obero.

Text: God you are the father who watches us in the earth. No man creates the things in the earth. Sometimes in the future, the devil will be chased away. When our great father went, the snake came and cheated the man and his wife. They didn’t get anything after that.

  1. 287 Obero.

Text: Jesus the son of God, we are begging for the Spirit. Savior Jesus Christ, give us Jesus Christ. Who unites us in one group. If we refuse the gods of the earth we are hoping for him. He’s the father of the earth. He sees us in what we are doing. Answer our prayers. He will come to clear our sins away. We don’t have strength to clear our own sins. He unites us and forgives our sins. Repeats.

  1. 336 Obero.

Text: God we are begging Jesus who is going to come in the future to clear off our sins and give us new life which doesn’t have an ending. We will praise God to give us health. We will praise early in the morning during Christmas time. In the name of Jesus who is in heaven. He’s the man who died who is the Savior and raised up after 3 days. He is the help or Savior who cleans us of our sins. Those who make mistakes when they go or when they walk for a long journey. They will still praise Jesus. Leave the gods of the earth. Those who believe the Devil will have no place in the presence of God. Repeats.

  1. 384 Obero.

Text: Father who is the son of God, we are believing in you and Jesus died on the cross. Who gives the life to the earth. We refuse the gods of the earth. Jesus died for the people and now he is in heaven and we are praying to him. There is no death in the heaven. All people are being seen. Those who try their best to praise Jesus or to believe in Jesus, they will be given new life by God. Jesus when he comes, he was told by God to die for our sins on the cross.

  1. 425 Obero.

Information: Refer to 3A 1 000. Mary’s song. Good version of this. Repeat several times.

  1. 486 Agwaga.

Text: God who is the great father, send your sprit to us. Give us new belief. We are calling your name. in the name of Jesus Christ. Our father who is Jesus rise up in heaven. Rise up to heaven, Rise up to heaven. He went to God. The thing which Jesus said were written in the Bible. Those who believe in it will be given new life.

  1. 531 Agwaga.

Information: Drums are too loud.

Text: When will the Savior come. He will come sometime in the future. He is still with his father. He died on a cross and died for our sins to give us new life. Those who are preaching in the villages they are preaching in the name of Jesus Christ. They are preaching what has been written in the Bible. Let’s take the large way of God who gave his blood for our sins. All people must believe the father who owns all things in the earth. He will come back as a poor boy in the earth. To be as a door to us and he will chase away all the gods of the earth. The Bible says, let’s believe before Jesus comes. When he comes there will be no time left for believing. Why don’t we believe the truth which was being said by God? Jesus was sent to give new life. The bad things or people went with the devil and the good people went with Jesus. Repeats.

  1. 600 Agwaga.

Text: People when will our God come to give us the way of life. Jesus will come sometime in the future to open the eyes of blind men. He’s becoming the head of all people and he is the father who can clear our sins. Our sin has been refused by God. Jesus help us because we are roaming in the sins. Difficult things… You’re being forced to come to the Word of God. The Name of Jesus is being heard from the Ojung tribes and Gallas. I thought of my sins when I was worried and when our precious God comes, he will save us. (Those who believe in false gods, trees, etc.) Advising to come to the Word of Jesus. If they don’t turn to the way of Jesus, then when they die, their spirit will be gone. I believe in Jesus and I’m praising him. Jesus come back to me. Repeating. If it is the matter of belief, he will give me a place where I can be rich…in heaven.

  1. 699. Agwaga.

Text: God, who is the powerful can unite all people to this way and don’t be tired of our Savior. The hands of our God are very long. Who is appreciated by all generations and who is the Savior of the people. Jesus called you to go and teach other people and nobody left. You are called by Jesus to teach other people. God who gives rain because of our belief. God who blesses, wash us in his blood. In the name of Jesus Christ.

  1. 750 Agwaga.

Text: All people, don’t agitate. Beg our Jesus. Beg our father who is Jesus Christ. Those who believe in the devil, their spirit will not be taken to heaven. Let’s believe before Jesus comes. We are begging the Spirit from God because we are in sin.

  1. 775 Agwaga.

Text: God who blessed why don’t you clear out the sins so that we can be pure. We beg God who gives us new teaching. Jesus who is the greatest of all. The snake cheated us to eat the fruit of the tree. He is not able to make beer for him. When the drum is being heard by the people it shows our prayers. Praising Jesus also. Praising Jesus who can give us a new belief and faith. The devil cheats those who are making beer to him. Refuse or reject the God of the earth. If you believe them you will suffer in the fire when our God comes.

  1. 843 Agwaga.

Text: God who is the head of the things, unite us in one belief. He protects his village from the devil and he will come to chase away the sins. People, lets believe in the absence of Jesus our chief who gives us faith. Jesus told us to reject the god of the beer, the Bible said to us, is not a new thing. It has been said before. (incomplete – tape runs out)

Recording #3B

Place of Recording: Pokwo – Pokwo Church Service

Date of Recording: July 4, 1972

Informant: Agwa Alemo

1 000 Agwaga.

Text: The letter came before to show the way of life. Here are the new words of life. Come you young girls and boys, come to accept it. Our father is happy in life and we believe in him to clear us of our sins. Repeats. (From Gilo river in 1970)

2 025 Obero.

Information: Mary’s song. Refer to 3A 1 0000. This tape is clear – good rhythm with bells.

3. 076 Obero.

Information: Mary’s song. Refer to 3A 2 040. Very high singing voice. Finish at 140.

ANUAK Project: FIELD NOTES – July 4, 1972

Retyped: May 16, 2019

12:00 Noon Leave Pokwo

112:08 Pokwomo: Sit in hut with 10 or so men plus Paul and myself. Sit on mats except for special skin in back for the chief only. Discussions being held among men regarding some tribal problems.

12:20 Assistant chief arrives. Sits to my left. Chief at the meeting of other chiefs of the area.

12:33 Assistant chief asks for water pipe and has some one goes for coals using a scraped off potshard.

12:37 Man returns. In conversation, as one speaks the others listen well.

12:45 Water pipe is shared freely from assistant chief to the others.

1:35 Drumming begins to call others together.

2:00 8 girls in a line bowing back and forth with hand and arm movements in rhythm singing to accompaniment of drums.

2;15 Men begin dance and song. Entire village in enthusiastic performance of music. Dance around drummers. Very polyrhythmic approach to drumming particularly on the larger drum. Dancing is rhythmic down to the very small children who were observed imitating the rhythmic body and hand movements of the older children. Perhaps the words and music are learned in the same way. Singing is in unison and antiphonal with a strong leader and whole hearted total response. Dance is uninhibited; dance for enjoyment, jumping and running as well. When a drummer tires or wants to, he leaves drum and another takes his place.

2;50 Concluding taping.

3:05 Leave Pokwomo.

3:15 Arrive Pokwo for dinner.

3;20 Listen to tapes (Notice distortion at higher levels)

4:00 Visit and tape Mary Akela and her workers in the bead shop. Hymns. As they sit on the floor working, they sing, rather inhibited singing but become more relaxed as they go along.

4;40 Return home

8:30-9:15 Analytical review of days activities with informant, Paul.