Children's Songs Description

There seems to be a sympathetic tie between children the world over as evidenced in their songs. Texts are generally short and repetitive. they stress subjects that may be taken from everyday life and may simply be an expression of happiness or an imitation of adult activity in play.

The children, particularly the young girls, will play games with songs to accompany the play. Children’s songs and the play associated with them may be simply a play activity or they may be an imitation of adult activities that the child will be involved with in later life. The young boy is involved in the age-set relations from about ages eight, nine or ten and learns much about his later life from his peers or from his father. What singing he would do would be within this group of his friends. It is likely that he would sing to accompany hoeing and rowing. The Anuak will take any song and adapt the song to the rhythm of the activity with which he is involved. There are no work songs as such, but adaptations of other songs for work purposes.