July 15, 1972 - 16A Hymnbook

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Recording #16A

Place of Recording: Pokwo

Date of Recording: July 15, 1972

Performance: Hymnbook recorded by the Pokwo church congregation

Informant: Paul Abulla and Henry Akway

Date of Transcript: September 23, 1972

1 000 No. 103. Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Not a good leader.

Text: You say, all of you, you reply we have agreed to the calling of God. Don’t refuse, we are called for life, repeats. You leave sinning. You were washed with the blood of the lamb. Repeats. He has died for our sins, he has died for our sins. You believe in God, to let him forgive he shall come back, he shall come, repeats.

2 067 No. 104: Anuak hymnbook.

Information: Girls singing. Like and love is the same in Anuak.

Text: We love children like us we love children like us. I’m very happy.

3 076 No. 105: Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Sings with congregation and drums.

Text: O Lord, when Jesus will come later on, we shall have no death on this earth. Those who shall accept him shall go up but those who refuse shall remain. When it is morning we shall be praying, looking up at Jesus. Jesus shall come and take us. Later on, when there is darkness again, it means that you didn’t believe in him the first time. Especially those who are in the darkness. Explains the way that Jesus was crucified. Taken to the police, the court and then taken up. He was born in Bethlehem our Savior, helper; he died and rose from death. Repeats. Agwaga.

4 106 No. 106: Anuak Hymnbook.

Text: When Jesus was born, 3 shepherds sang this song: (a certain star that comes early in the morning) we are the 3 kings, the morning star, we are carrying things to a very far place. Forests, valleys, mountains, deserts…we are still following the star. Walked through all these things. While following the most wonderful star, our star. Stars of kings, white and good. The sun shall rise and go, the star is covering everything. Vs 2: he was born as King in Bethlehem. I have brought this gold to crown him again, every time kings do not have a destination, they walk continuously, all of us are still waiting for his coming. Sweet smelling gift. I was the one who brought it. It’s smell alone can bring God near to me. Prayers and praising. Pray to him, our God who is in heaven. Chorus: Vs 3; third king: carrying sensor, imitating or resembles the life soul. Smoke goes to a dark corner. Mourning, tiredness till at last he died then locked inside a cold cave. Repeats the chorus. Vs 4: How we are running to catch up but it has passed. We make ourselves stronger. A king needs an honor or a sacrifice to be given to him. All people shall sing Halleluiah to him. Chorus. Repeats.

5 172 No. 107: Anuak Hymnbook

Information: Poor male soloist.

Text: I have decided to follow my God. I’m tired of this earth. I’m staying in difficulties. If we don’t convert ourselves now, then it is too late. He has forgiven my sins. When he came down, he was not tired of forgiving any person. He has gone back to his father’s house but he shall be back later on. He has given love and life to everybody. Repeats.

6 196 No. 108: Anuak Hymn book.

Information: Boy soloist.

Text: All of us, leave Satan alone. He can’t give your life. You believe in Jesus. Jesus you are great and given us everything. You are our helper. He who refuses you is going the way of Satan where he will be trapped by sins. Jesus, you are the one who came from heaven who brought us good things. Conversion and life are found from the helper. You believe in the one who can give. Leave the one of death. Repeats.

7 228 No. 109: Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Individual man with audience accompanying.

Text: All people, my sins have been forgiven on the cross. Whatever he talks of must be held tightly till the drum and the trumpets shall sound. When our father went, he left life and spiritual beliefs. You believe in God but Satan is consuming the life of people. Jesus is like a tree. Because a tree can never be broken by a lion. A lion doesn’t climb much. Jesus comes spread with a tree. When chased by a lion can climb the tree. He’s the helper. You can run to him. There’s nothing impossible when we pray. He who has been stronger who cannot be tempted is still helping us. Please, let us go back to God. All people may ignore you but I will never ignore you. We are tired of him, he is tempting us to sin. He has used us but when our father has come, he shall run back to his corner. When I’m on this earth, I’m always thinking of God and asking every fellow to follow the way of Christ. (this fellow is probably an evangelist). Day and night, we pray to God who has given his son for sins. We are tired of the devil. He has divided us by making some talkative and making others liars. But once he has never given chance he would be behind doors. He will start making difficulties. If one of our disciplines should come, Like Peter, we would rejoice. Then we would think of only life and happiness. Repeats

8 283 No. 110: Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Individual man.

Text: If you convert yourself the results will be life. He’s the forgiver, our Lord. He who died on the cross is Jesus, he will come to us. If you ask God, you have to ask him through Jesus. Repeats.

9 307 No. 111: Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Mary Akela with girls.

Text: Let us believe in God before he comes back. He’s our witness and our guide. Jesus shall come and raise us from death. Our father son of God, send us your blessing. Our father, we are still praying to you while you are in heaven. Repeats.


10 330 Obero.

Information: Song by Mary. Repeats. Leader with Congregation

Text: Jesus who took my soul and created its person again. Repeats. Jesus the Son of God who took my soul and created it as a person. You pray and know that Jesus is the son of God. Pray well so he can give you life. We have become poor. Help us, help us. We have become poor of sins. We have become poor of sins. But please help us. We have to pray for God so that he could give us life. Jesus has died on the cross because of the bad doings, but now he guides heaven and the world. He has been sent by God.

11 361 Obero.

Information: Leader with congregation.

Text: At the beginning we didn’t hear anything, we were blind. The owner of the earth, Jesus Christ who died for us. All of us have prayed to Jesus. He’s a true God, the God that can give life. This Satan is a thief who deceives us. But when Jesus will come back, he will be burned with all of his people. Repeats.

12 382 Obero.

Text: Jesus, the son of God we are only asking you for something to leave. The Savior is going to give us. He has united us and brought us up together. We could never be mistaken of relating anything from the Bible. When we refused the idols of this earth we were believing in our God who is looking at us every day and doesn’t forget us at any minute. Jesus the Son of God is our Savior. Jesus, the whole world is yours. Give us good prayers and good preaching. We have refused the idols of this earth through you, our Savior. He will come one day and shall destroy the bad and then he will unite us and forgive our sins. We don’t have power to forgive our own sins. Still he brought us together and forgave us our sins. If we leave believing in him, where shall we go? Still he shall bring us together and forgive our sins. Repeats.

13 416 Obero.

Text: God you are the one great God who guides us every day. But still nobody created things as what you have. But he will come and shall chase the devil. He has returned back. One time a snake came and deceived a person with his wife. He got nothing. Repeats.

14 438 Obero.

Information: Refer to 15A 1 000. Same Leader with congregation.

15 476 Obero

Information: Refer to 15A 2 031. Same Leader with congregation.