Agwagas July 7, 1972 - 6A Tierlul

01 Track 1.mp3

Recording #6A

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 7, 1972


Informant: Paul Abulla and Agwa Alem

Date of Transcript: July 25, 1972; Transcribed: August 10, 1972

1 000 Dancing song.

Information: Same as 5B 11 390 which was incomplete. Solo woman without accompaniment from Gila river.

2 075 Agwaga.

Information: Man from Gilo River on the border of Sudan. When they prepared for the war, the people didn’t come. So, they went out and attacked that village and were overcome. Written by a town that was defeated.

Text: We were betrayed by a person. If you don’t prepare yourself your village will be attacked. Be ready.

3 177 Agwaga.

Information: Man, solo with help on chorus parts. The song was formed when they fought the village of Adongo in the Sudan. 2 men. Those of Adongo were against the Anyanya. So, the Anyanya went to that place and attacked them. First time, the Anyanya joined with many villages and went against Adongo but were defeated. Defeated the second time. And the third time. But on the fourth try, the Anyanya destroyed the village (a very strong village.)

4 260 Dancing song.

Information: Man solo. With help from another on chorus parts. From Tede. “Pow pow pow:” imitation of shooting.