INSTRUMENTAL July 14, 1972 -14A Anuak Thom Opanya

Recording #14A

Place of Recording: Opanya

Date of Recording: July 14, 1972

Performance: Older man with Thom.

Informant: Paul Abulla

Date of Transcript: August 4, 1972; Direct conversation

1 000 Agwaga.

Information: Very short version. Compare with 9B 7 388.

Text: Went to Galla. Does not mention the place.

1 023 Agwaga.

Information: Talks about the baby. Very nice.

Text: Saying that the baby is crying. Repeats.

3 048 Instrumental.

Information: Excellent piece with harmony parts and good rhythmic drive. Notice the action of the thumb. Fine performance of this. Compare with 9A 9346.

4 105 Church song.

Text: Jesus died for us. He will come back.

5 131 Agwaga.

Information: Notice ending

Text: We better leave that place. Let us not compare fighting with food. (Joined by men in the Burra) Mentions the names of the people. A fellow was given something. Repeats.

6 187 Agwaga.

Information: Some people come from far place and stay in certain area. If they find that they have nothing to eat, they will go back. Compare with 9A 5 150. It seems to be characteristic of these songs from Opanya that they are quite short with relatively few ideas expressed and with a great deal of repetition. They are melodic. They lack the volume and explosiveness found in many of the other Agwagas found from other places. Instead they are sung softly by the singer and by those who join in. Also notice is the lack of a clear break between leader and group as found I songs from other parts. It would seem that most of the singing of this village is to the thom rather than to drums. This may not be true as we did not see or hear any performances other than those of this man in Opanya.

Text: This part, against the chief, He doesn’t want to give his people something. Talks about the liars. Go to one group of people and tell them the wrong thing and then go to another group and confuse both. Repeats

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