July 9, 1972-7B Pokwo Church

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #7B

Place of Recording: Pokwo

Date of Recording: July 9, 1972

Performance: Church service

Informant: Agwa Alem

Date of Transcript: July 26; typed August 18, 1972

  1. 000 Agwaga

Information: Continuation of the other side from the Sudan.

  1. 010 Agwaga.

Information: From Sudan.

Text: The name of God is praised all over the world. Those who are still believing in magic can be changed to be the people of God.

  1. 026 Agwaga.

Information: Talks about the strength of God.

  1. 042 Agwaga.

Information: From Sudan.

  1. 047 Agwaga.

Information: Written by man from Pumoli.

Text: God, why don’t you come and wash away our sins so that we can be free.

  1. 068 Agwaga.

Information: Newly composed.

Text: God who is the head of all things, help us to unite in one body. He who protects his village from Satan protect his village from Satan and come back to us to forgive our sins. All people believe before he comes to give us faith and what Jesus said was to reject the God of drinking. What the Bible said, not agitate; we received a letter which was about the way of life.

  1. 092 Obero.

Information: Mary’s song. New.

Text: I’m still asking Jesus. He is the father which we know. So, I’m still asking him, what I can do for him and what he can do for me.

  1. 118 Agwaga.

Text: Greatness of Jesus. We have chiefs and kings but Jesus is over all. Repeats.

  1. 171 Agwaga.

Information: Mary’s song. If a song is not repeated it becomes very short. Mary’s songs are about the greatness of Jesus, resurrection, and asking Jesus what to do. What to do for him and what Jesus can do for her. Most of her songs have these themes.

The leader will not always follow the same order. Often repeats the new songs so that they can be learned by the people.