INSTRUMENTAL July 18, 1972 - 18B Mbira (Thom) Tierlul

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #18B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 18, 1972



Date of Transcript: September 5, 1972

1 000 Obero.

Information: Okolo and 3 other men. For a dead chief. When the chief dies the singers will perform the song when he hears the death of the chief. He will sing it to the people for mourning. Some chiefs will demand to hear their Obero before they die to make sure that it is a good Obero.

Text: Praises the chief for what he has done in the village. If not died of natural death, will say that they will revenge for the chief. In this case, not natural death, so express their feeling. How they feel for him. Since the chief is dead, they wish for nothing. But to raise him up from death. Feel that they can find a chief better than this chief.

2 040 Obero.

Information: It’s about the former chief of Pokwomo who fought the Ethiopian government and moved out and joined the Anyanya. He fought with everybody.

Text: He has sung a lot of songs for the chief but the chief gives him nothing in return. Indirect. In the form of begging to let his dowry be paid. He has given himself to the chief to become a son of the chief. Chief has already paid him 1 demoui but he needs more. Expresses that this chief is like his father, good generous, and brave. Praises the chief of Pokwomo: his fights with the government

3 136 Dancing song. Dudbuli.

Information: From Odongo. About a King.

Text: Praises friends’ people in the village and the king.

4 201 Koro.

Information: Type of dance. Jumping up. Expressing those who are jumping. Competition. Who can jump highest.

5 210 Koro.

Information: Repeats of the above. Good for comparison.

6 222 Thom.

Information: Masengo. Very nice. Well done.

7 277 Thom for marching.

Information: Fine performer. Anuak. When you are taking a stroll, people are coming together. Going to the party. Walking along. Strolling.

8 317 Thom.

Information: Anuak. For walking along.

9 350 For dancing.

Information: Song comes from Masengo but the Anuaks translated it and is performed by the Anuaks.

10 382 For dancing.

Information: For enjoyment. For walking or whatever.