July 15, 1972-15B Hymnbook

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Audio recording #15B

Recording #15B

Place of Recording: Pokwo

Date of Recording: July 15, 1972

Performance: Anuak Hymnbook recorded by Pokwo church congregation

Informant: Paul Abulla and Henry Akway

Date of Transcript: September 23, 1972

1 000 No. 93. Anuak Hymnbook:

Text: All of you, don’t believe in other Gods. Our guide is up in heaven. He goes ahead and shows the way. He will lead us to a better way. All of us are supposed to follow him since he’s the Savior. When he went up, he brought us out of the darkness. He has taught us the one who selects people. He shall return back again. He who doesn’t believe in him, what are you waiting for? What shall you believe in if you don’t believe in life? He has done no mistake. But if you decline from him and go back to sinning, that will you find. He has suffered for the bad things that we have done, so believe in his father. Don’t give yourself or your hearts troubles, let us go back and pray to him. Repetition.

2 036. No. 94. Anuak Hymnbook.

Information: Informant remarks, “Annoying singing.”

Text: All of us we pray to Jesus who is in heaven. Our Jesus is great. the owner of earth. Satan is becoming great but he who believes there is no death in that kingdom, he shall never get everlasting life. Jesus is going to give us life. Something is tempting us, but (deceiving us) here are the people of Jesus who has died for us. He has died on the cross. We are still asking you. Don’t try to give up. Give us life. Satan is a thief, but who can believe in him. Repetition.

3 072 No. 95. Anuak hymnbook.

Text: Asking God, we have refused sins but please return to us our Jesus. When Jesus is absent, all of them are waiting for him. Our father shall come one day with sounds of trumpets and drums. I’m asking God who gives life to people. He who believes in Jesus is believing in life. We believe in our heavenly fathers who is in heaven where there is no backbiting, no oppression, etc. Repetition.

4 106 No. 96. Anuak hymnbook.

Text: Our heavenly father who is up in heaven he who saves people, you help us. When Jesus will come back, the people of Satan shall be burned but the Christians shall go straight up. Our father’s way is very nice. No death. When Jesus shall come, we shall leave these people who have followed the Devil burning, and we shall go up. When Jesus got out of the cold grave, he brought us out of the darkness. The Agwaga made for God is very big. But when the Agwaga was given, he gave the blind people eyes to see. You believe in God and don’t believe in Satan. He has no home. Because Jesus has washed us with his blood. You are the greatest one of all nations. I’m bowing to you and praying to you. He has given people belief through what he has done. He has a good road. If we follow him, nothing can hurt us. We have gained through your talking and preaching, and we thank you. Repeats.

5 150 No. 97: Anuak Hymnbook.

Text: Jesus has arisen from death. Don’t try to ignore him, he’s the way of life. Believe in him. He who believes in him will get the better way. Let your hearts not be troubled. God is with you. He shall give us life since he’s the Savior. He who shall ignore him will never get the way of life but shall remain in pain. Every creature is under him. You believe in him the chooser. Don’t believe in all the ways of Satan of deceiving people. With trees, rivers, etc. they have no life. Satan is a thief. He is calling for people but don’t try to listen to him. Repeats.

6 237 No. 98: Anuak Hymnbook.

Text: Informing all the people that at the beginning of the earth when people were with God together, they were living nicely with love and no problems. But when Satan came, he talked nonsense and tiresome. He deceived the eye with the fruit, then he blocked the way of life, all the good things that was expected by God was ruined. But I believe in the heavenly father who threw the bad thing behind him. Help us. You answer to him, believe in him. Our Bible is with us. I have decided to leave the pains and suffering on this earth. I believe in God and I shall never be tempted by anything. I believe in a God that could destroy death and pains. Nothing can overcome him. He threw himself out for me. He has no place at all. (Meaning Satan). When he believed in God the temptation has decreased. Satan is like a taunter. You go and fight, like a coward. When troubles come, he says, that’s your problem. Please all of us, let us believe in Jesus. He is the guide to heaven. When Mary gave birth to him in Bethlehem it was for our sins. Repetition. He believes that when Eve was deceived by Satan, it wasn’t her heart that was deceived, it was her eyes.

7 329 No. 99: Anuak hymnbook. Mary Akela. Obero.

Text: He has washed out the sin. Our Savior Jesus, he shall come when we ae still praying. But if you come later on and try to pray, it’s too late. Let us believe in him while he is still absent. Try to convert yourself before our Lord has come. The time he will come he shall gather us together. Repeats. This is fine song which we have several versions of.

8 357 No. 100: Anuak hymnbook. A foreign song.

Text: Praise him. You praise. You come and praise God who is in heaven. Because of his love, come to him. Every day, you praise him, he is the savior. They are the good things you have been looking for. He has been born today in the house of David a Savior. Chorus: Repetition of previous. A savior, a Savior, that is Christ the Lord.

9 422 No. 101: Anuak Hymnbook.

Text: Mary Akela. Jesus is on the throne in heaven. Compare with 91 (not the same) we are praying, O Lord to you. The blood of Jesus is very great. It covers all the world. You leave the way of Satan. And come and pray to God and believe in him. Jesus who is the head of every leader, all nations are under you. Repetition.

10 468 No. 102: Anuak hymnbook.

Text: Go tell it on the mountain. Foreign. Go and preaching it to the people. He who has been purified has been born today. At the time, the shepherds were waiting, all the people were sleeping, they found in the sky something great… a star. The light came from God. Chorus. Go preach it to the people, he who was prophesied has been born. The son of God has come to earth. Repeats.