AGWAGA January 12, 1973 45B Series B6B Tierlul/Pokwo

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording Series B 6B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: January 12, 1972


Informant: Agwa Alemo

Date of Transcript: May 5, 1973

(Note; Tape is damaged. Necessary to run back upside down. Taping must have occurred on the wrong side of the tape causing weakness.)

1 000 Agwaga.

Text: Informing a man who is named after a crock. Saying I’m begging OTHOW (JAA) Praised after a permanent tree. Including begging the Agwaga. Sung in the absence of the king. Informing the wife of the king saying when our king gives out the prices, I didn’t expect was going to miss something from him. Praising the group who used to fight or used to protect the village.

2 064 Agwaga.

Information: From Ajwara. The war is the thing that separated the generation. During the way the unity of the village will not fight together as a group. Will be divided by generations, will not fight together.

Text: Our leader refused to go to Gilo river again and Cham will be fighting. A man called DEBOW keep the king in a good way. MEDHO you feed your people so that Adongo people will fear them. Repeats. Cham will be fighting Arabs this year.

3 123 Agwaga.

Information: Not the generation of AKWAY, the generation of ANGOLE the son of LECE (LIEGE.

Text: We are the people who are in the middle of the enemies. (all villages around are against them) Which village had we not fought. We the generation of AKWAY. we will fight without knowing the shooting of Arabs. The people of OTALLO will get the flood which can cover the grain. We will chase away the small villages around us, we are the leader at the same time. Repeats

4 172 Dudbul.

Information: A Dudbul when they are ready to go to dancing, they will sing this kind of song.

Text: Praising the generation and the best girl in the dancing field.

5 189 Dudbul.

Information: Kings are divided OGOCH and ODOLLA. This man is the leader of Ajwra, is from ODOLLA. Agwa is also. This is sung for the man leading Ajwara people now.

Text: God who is left by his father, I will like to beg him. The grandson of ODOLLA. This king is going back to the palace. We will have big dancing in the village. For our new leader to be crowned. When we crown him, he will be the best leader for us. Repeating. When we crown him, he will be the best leader for us.

6 245 Marching Song.

Text: Those that kill an elephant came and they are the Amhara’s and they are Amhara. They came and they are heard by the people of AUU. Those who kill an elephant came. Being heard by many people. They are the war people.

7 278 Marching Song.

Text: We are the Amhara’s and the first people in Ajwara. The people said, where is the generation who killed an elephant.

8 287 Flute and voice at 299.

Information: Song of boasting. Alternate voice and flute. Repeating but repeating the last part in the form of boasting.

9 397 Dudbul.

Information: Tape is indistinct. (Mostly sung for the age group or the generation in the village to give some price. Would also include chief and king. The chief can give a larger price than anyone in the village.) If the village is now getting destroyed or in a bad condition, he can sing something like advice. Our village is going worse and worse and not like the former position. (Tape reverses.)

Text: Praising a king sent by Arabs to Tedo. Praising his wife saying you will go to MATU. She who represents the place of 5 wives. I’m working very hard to pay money for my wife who is working very hard for their parents. Praising his friends and his wife also. Because they are hard workers. Praising a man who is named after a buffalo and his wife who always used to give a price to the singer. A man named after small fishes saying I didn’t know I was going to miss a price from both of you. (He and this wife) A man named after a giraffe. (He sings this part like an Obero) He’s left by his father to lead us he who boasts with him will be killed. Singer is like a river when I walked to Tiernam where the river comes from, I was cheated out of having a cow. I will go for a walk in the clan of NYIJULA to get a cow. Gilo is left by his father so that everybody can cry against him for his poorness. He was making agreement with his father’s wife about demoui to be given to me. Informing a man saying that before this village was shared by different tribes. Advising a man or the uncle of the king saying, don’t be tired of advising him because you are the roots of that king. (I finished my part KWOT AJAK.)

10 699 Obero. Pokwo church service.

Information: Gospel song sung in Gilo river in 1970. (When you get sick or fever, will shake. The blood of chicken will be on you to let Satan go away from you. Will put blood of chicken around you but not on the body. Why they say when Satan comes will steal the chicken. Painful and taking food together: they used to give food for Satan tree they put food under that so Satan could come and take it. If you don’t give something to that tree, Satan will come and kill you. That is the expected thing. When king dies will say he is a god, and if you don’t give him something after he is dead, he will send rain or snake or liar on you.)

Text: We are praying for the mistake we did. Obero form. Because Satan has no place in the reverence of God. When the trumpet and the small drum is beaten our father will be coming down to the earth. Help our pastor with reading the Bible. We are standing in the darkness. Give us the light to stand in. Because Satan is the thief when he comes, he will steal the chicken and painful and food to be eaten are not to be at once. Let’s go to the kingdom of God because there is some news in the conference of God. You pick up your Bible beause there is good news in the conference of God.

11 759 Agwaga.

Information: From Gilo River in 1970.

Text; When Jesus comes there will be no death. Those who believe in him will go together with him. Those who don’t believe will remain in the darkness. When the morning comes, we are looking up in the form of begging to let Jesus come to us.

12 778 Agwaga.

Information: Same song, continuation after a brief pause.

Text: Father who has home in heaven is God who loves people and the Savior. We are being imprisoned by Satan. In the darkness. (Sung by Mary and congregation) He was taken to Pilate for to be imprisoned. He was taken to Bethlehem where he was born, He is the son of God. He rose up after 3 days because it was given to him by his father. Those who believed will be raised up and the kingdom is theirs. Repeats at fast tempo. Repeats several times.

13 932 Agwaga.

Text: We are helped by God through his son. Who looks to us like a treasure because all villages live for him? Jesus is in heaven to send the light to us and he is the root of the world. (By Mary)

14 956 Agwaga.

Text: He is the Savior which is able to be honored by the people. When Jesus comes, we will be looking up praising him we his people. The kingdom is built out of gold. Believe him our Jesus Christ who is in heaven. (By Mary)

15 992 Agwaga.

Information: From Gilo River and led by Mary.

Text: God who is the head of all things, who unites the people in one generation. He protects his village from sin and comes to us to chase away the sins. Or to clear out the sins. Jesus told us to believe before he comes, he who gives faith and he told us not to believe God’s who drinks. Beware of these gods. The Bible has been printed to us so that we can find our life or the way of life in it. Everybody must come to accept the Word of God because our father loves life. We believe in him. Repeats.

16 1046 Agwaga.

Information: Written by Mary.

Text: The call of God. We are called by God in the name of his son. He is a man who is very important to us who leads all villages. He is the king of the Chiefs. Who leads the village of all chiefs?

17 1079 Agwaga.

Information: Words are not clear. Made by Mary.

Text: Saying, keep your home in a good condition. Like advice to God to keep this village in a good condition.

18 1105 Doxology.

Text: Praise God who gives everything.

ANUAK Project: FIELD NOTES – Jan 12, 1973

Retyped: July 5, 2019

Tierlul, 3:00 P.M.

Kwot Onyinyi sings with 5 other men. Middle aged, same age group of ages 30-45. Kaga Lero composer of all songs indicated.

  1. Agwaga from Odongo.

  2. Agwaga from Odongo.

  3. Agwaga from Ajwara by Otat, 1966.

  4. Agwaga from Ajwara by Olong, 1964.

  5. Agwaga from Ajwra by Omot, 56.

  6. General Dancing from Ajwara by Kwot 52.

Tape 6, 3:30

  1. General Dancing from Ajwara by Ogut, 52 sung by himself alone.

  2. Nirnam from Ajwara by Otok, 56.

  3. Nirnam from Ajwara by Odungo, 56.

  4. General Dancing from Ajwara by Orieo, 56.

  5. Obero from Ajwara by Kwot for a dead chief who died in 49 or King from Cham.

  6. Agwaga from Peno by Ojung 64 (On Akobo river on the Border). Puts in actions of fighting in singing. Humorous comments of people running.

  7. Agwaga from Peno by Lipo, 65.

  8. Agwaga from Peno by Lipo, 63.

  9. Agwaga from Ajwara by Chief Oruth, 64.

  10. Agwaga from Ajwara by Odongo. Ajwara and Odongo were the same village. King at this time was Akway. When he died, divided the village. Ajwara given to Cham and the other to Odongo.

  11. Agwaga from Odongo.

  12. Agwaga from Ajwara by Kwot very old, incomplete.

Tape 6, Side B 4:35

  1. Agwaga from Ajwara by Kwot (Repeat from the other side. Very old.)

  2. Agwaga from Ajwara by Lipo. Made for king of Akwara. Notice shouts of men in background.

  3. Agwaga from Ajwara by Lipo.

  4. General Dancing from Ajwara by Dedung.

  5. General Dancing from Ajwara by Opolo.

  6. General Dancing from Ajwara by Kwot.

  7. Nirnam from Ajwara by girl, Ariet.

  8. Nirnam from Ajwara by girl, Ariet.

  9. General dancing from Odong by Omon.

  10. General dancing from Obodi by Nyibola.

  11. Obero from obodi for the king (Ocudho Odol.)

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