Dudbul July 18, 1972 - 12B Tierlul

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #12B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 18, 1972


Informant: Paul Abulla

Date of Transcript: August 3, 1972; Direct conversation

1 000 Conversation: The first part of this tape deals with conversation with the composer of songs (an older man) heard in Tierlul. His method of making songs and why he was hindered in singing his best for us on a previous date.

2 044 Dancing Song.

Information: Written long ago.

Text: Mentions the names of his friends and the ladies also. Mentions the names of those who gave him something. Asking people, better you to give me a dollar. A big liar among us running to the people saying don’t pay this man but he has no money. Mentions the name of a beautiful girl, saying that she is walking like god. Continues to mention the names of the people.

3 128 Dancing Song.

Information: Very old song.

Text: We have no ugly people in our group. Mentions the names of the people. You must marry the beautiful girls. People are coming. His friend married a beautiful girl. My friend married a beautiful girl and he mentions her name. You must give something to the song makers to let him have something.

4 213 Dancing Song.

Information: Mentions the names of the people. (In this area, those of bodyguards fight with those of the younger generation with sticks)

Text: In this song, they are boasting, jo Burra are boasting. Continues to mention the names of those in the jo Burra.

5 284 Dancing song.

Text: Mentions the names of the people in the jo Burra.

6 314 Dancing Song.

Text: Against a certain girl. I was jilted by this girl. I’m rich man. All the people in my group are handsome.

7 336 Agwaga.

Information: Some people from other areas will come from various parts of the tribe and come and stay together. These people spoil you because they want to confuse you.

Text: Mentions the names of the people in the fighting. We are people of guns (spears). We are not afraid. He came with the people of his father. You are spoiled by different people. We have to make Agwaga for the chief. Mentions the names of the people. You people from that side, you must give us a call.