Dudbul July 22, 1972 - 24A Pokwo

01 Track 1.mp3

Recording #24A

Place of Recording: Pokwo

Date of Recording: July 22, 1972

Performance: Various individuals

Informant: Paul Abulla and Henry Akway

Date of Transcript: September 30, 1972

1 000

Information: Solo girl singer. Omot from Gok.

Text: All the generation, we are to visit the country of Haile Selassie. The chief called NYIGWO, people are talking of him. But we are going to resume and eat again in the dynasty of the chief. As it was from the first chief called OKEDI, people of the village ask, where ae the young boys, the young boys have gone to the elephant. The young boys want to go to the North where Masengo would run and the leaves shall fall down. (Masengo wear leaves: therefore, the boys would destroy them. Therefore, when they run, the leaves will fall down) MESANGO. Because of the Ethiopian government. Praising a girl, she is like a gentle girl. We were asked that where did you come from, we came from the fence or from inside the fence of the chief. We are the people who refused OLETHA (made to replace salt.) We will never eat it again. (Like the urine of a donkey. They are insulting it) We refuse it and our village has been heard all over the Anuak villages. Repeating. (Would have destroyed this tribe but because of law they did not.)

2 023

Information: Solo girl singer. Omot from Gok.

Text: In AJWOMA we are the leading, the first. We are going to take our weapons and kill an elephant. It is a generation, a strong generation. Nobody can prevent them from doing whatever they want. The AJWOMA of this year has introduced good marching. Where shall we go with our guns. We would have killed a lot of animals, invaded some other people, but it is because of this Ethiopian government. The government has refused. Do not kill elephants. And has prevented death.

3 029

Information: Solo girl singer. Same as above

Text: At the time that we would refuse what we have intended to refuse, would be taken by an airplane. Praising the chief. In this AJWOMA we would be leading. Repeats. When we will be got up, the young girls replied to us, that our grandfathers did not eat any salt. They refused salt. The bullets have sunk the steamer at PINYKEW. This is the steamer that brings salt from Sudan to Gambela. Put it for fun we have refused. That which makes something tasteful. But our AJWOMA will be heard in Asmara.

4 041 Dudbul.

Information: Solo girl singer.

Text: Mentioned title of someone. When I came to dance, I didn’t know that I would get something. When I go around, I found some from Openo carrying axes and some hoes (Openo people carry these things) I came carrying only my voice. I don’t know whether I will get something but due to my unluckiness, I probably won’t get something. Praised someone, even a type of cloth that Maseko’s wear, you could give it to me. Now, praising the chief and the wives, you talk among yourselves but I will never. I know that the properties that the village gave me are many. Praising a girl. Her grandfathers, titles, etc., assuring her that a liar breaks down the good relationship that we have and its creating sins among the people. Praising a man who is near the leader. He has to give something whenever he hears the song or the drum. My father, meaning the chief, if I am not honest to you tell me frankly, so I may go to another village. Praising other people, after this song, I have to look for a lady praising someone, saying why do you throw me away, I have no relative Praising the girl, saying a singer looks at you but he would never get angry. Praising the girl saying, he is happy. Going back to the man, assuring the lady, this is your husband, this is your husband. Praising someone else, saying, I’m looking to you or at you. Again, assuring why can give me. Said that my poorness has become like an evil eye. Praised a certain girl, saying you give me something. Praising a certain girl, said that when I came, she gave me a spear before I reached her. Praising that girl. Praising the girl, said don’t cry praising the girl, said that she will give me first because we are relatives. They will give me again as a gift. Praising the men, praising the girl, don’t cry. I heard the sound of your pounding when I was lost in the forest. I found the village through the sound of your pounding. Praising the chief, said he will give me a as person of his village. The witch doctors must be bold to see to the health of the chief in order to live on. Praising a certain girl, saying that I hope I will get something said that this is not a real song, I’m just singing it in order to be for me to be known in OKUNA. Praising the chief said that he wished for TEDO but I hope that I will get it near my father. (TEDO is a type of bead) Praising the chief. He will give me. I know that I will get satisfied before I reach BURA. Praising a certain person, saying I’m poor, help me, I have nobody over praising the girl, I’m going to come to the village, of properties. Praising the chief informing people that he doesn’t have a sister why should you trouble him. This is his village. Praising the chief, said that I hope I am going to get DEMOUI Let me stop these wishes.

5 111 Dudbul. (Or a simple song)

Information: Solo girl singer.

Text: Praising the chief, said I’m asking begging the chief, don’t get tired of this would made by the villagers. (an injury made to him) Praising the chief, saying that poverty has all combined on me. Praising the chief and then informing the people, whatever he gives must not be eaten, it must be shown. Your father was the one who started giving to the people. Now I’m asking my father to give me something. In your village all the singers will get rich. Praising the girls when he walks in the forest or in the foreign land, he is refusing troubles. Praising somebody I didn’t know that you would not give me. Praising the people, assure somebody that you accept my marriage. (a private marriage – with a spear) When I walked yesterday, I reached a very far place. Toil even I reached the place of trade where people mine gold. Praising that girl, praising a girl called AGWA Somebody left in the womb of the mother and then the father died. Praising many people. If I’m good even people can drink from me. Praising the people saying that I’m refusing troubles. Praising somebody, people drink beer from you and they eat from you. He has married, so he says, if I don’t solve this problem then God is going to blame me. Praising and saying why don’t you get a girl. Poverty results in riches. Praising a girl, I didn’t blame her. Praising someone, assuring some others that don’t be deceived by the love of laughing. You are blindfolded by foreign lands. You don’t know what people ae talking of they say you got a good wife chosen from dancing. Praising. Praising many people, said some would be accepted in the future. Praising somebody the results of poverty is riches. There is one girl that I’m thinking of that a liar has become as if I marrying a daughter. This liar has become as if cussed. He goes from here and there. He returned back to me. Asked for tobacco. But I replied with a laugh. Praising someone, who has accepted my song he gave half of my dowry. We’re going to dance a nice dance then when we dance at Perbung, girls were dancing as if they were breaking themselves. Repeated the song.

6 211

Information: Solo girl singer

Text: Praising somebody. The chief said that we would dance with the girls together. Praising the same man again. Praising the chief saying that we have no single cow. Praising again. When I hear the sound of a drum that will I do, I feel poor and ashamed. Our village is well known. Praising the girl. Praising a certain man, saying that the son of your daughter must be give something. Praising that man, praising another man, a certain generation praised. Praising a person and another, the son of your daughter must be given a full gift.

7 242

Information: Solo girl singer.

Text: At the time of the beating of the drums, it was beaten when we were refusing to eat salt. Informing the boys, said that you go and buy yourself some clothes. We are Ethiopians. But at that time that we shoot the bullets at BORTHAUR (Between Gambela and Dembidolo) Elephants died. That we have refused. Praising the leader of that generation, we are going to refuse salt.

8 256 Song for Dancing.

Information: Girl singers. (duet with 2 girls

Text: Praising the chief. Where shall I go, praising the village of OKUNA. Your father was those that give. Nowadays, it has become hard for you to do that. We look for a leader of the generation and we got a certain man. Given the title of his father etc. the only things remain is only making the streets again. That man is just outside the village and doesn’t even rest. Praising a certain girl. I’m really confused, especially when I was in the foreign lands, but each individual knows everything when He’s with relatives. Talking about a chief and praising him, informing that the remaining dowry must be paid. Praising a certain man and going to a girl and praising, at last says the love of is like wearing shirt or a cloth. It changes. Praising the man and back to the girl saying the best girl is somewhere. Praising someone, GOK has become fed up of insults. Praising the man and going back to the girl, if you don’t a chief, it is better to go to a foreign land. Now talking about the girl that you have wanted. Though a rich man takes her, she will come back to us. Informing a certain girl and praising her and saying that everybody goodness is his homeland. If not in your homeland, can be as bad as anything.) Gives a spear during the dance time. Praising many people, last one praised her saying she is going to give some dollars to me. Praising people saying you get me something. Praising so a body and said that I dreamed asif the wives of the chief were giving spears that were brought to me during the dancing time. Praising the chief and informing him that there are some liars. I could put into a rope and give it to him. Praising someone, when I sleep by night I could not sleep because I can’t decide whether to stay or go somewhere. Praising someone informing him that you have become like a beer – that stimulates action. And are saying that I am poor but I’m not that poor. You don’t carry properties on your neck. Praising many people saying that he who beats the drum is the one instructing people in the way that people should dance. I didn’t get the idea of where the properties were hidden. I must dream of an animal caught in the forest. Praising saying, we dance a great BUL with our generation, now I was left like floating grass over the water.

9 366

Information: Girl singers

Text: Praising the chief said that you were are now separate from all the villages. Assuring the chief that if the villages do not accept the song, then I’m going to be separated from them. I you think who simple drink, we have gone with them to the government the Galla therefore there should not be some people who encourages others when can do anything. The chief has given himself to the government. As it was said by people yesterday, you are going to remain as the door. Now praising somebody, called ODULO give him something. Praising somebody I don’t know when I will get rich but only richness that I know. Praising people, the chief, saying that my father was great, but people is ruined him, and I remain in poverty. Informing the chief that don’t consider the problems of the past years, but this is a new one custom. Praising many people, I’ll reach you after 3 days. Said that she has gotten tired of working. Beautiful girl. Praising others, He who ignores many thoughts of seeing, with every eye open, give me something. Praising the chief. Asking somebody, saying the chief, won’t you give me the beads. Praising the girl, I don’t know that I will never get something but she came with a spear called ATHERO When I was walking in a foreign land yesterday, I would have gotten a place of trade. Praising the only riches are Ethiopian dollars. As the thing of yesterday, if I’m good I have to help you He doesn’t have father how could eye conduct a meeting. Meeting is simple but troubles are dangerous. If I refuse going to other villages, marry other people and settle, it would be better. Praising the chief wishing that he is going to get something. When I move around the he needs a tusk of an elephant or a piece of ivory. Praising the girl. I’m now thinking of demoui. She's going to give me something at least. People don’t try to blame me. Praises a certain young man. Praising people saying that what has been said before by a certain man I thought when I laughed with people, I thought they liked me, I didn’t know they didn’t like me. What was said, I didn’t know it. It is been said let me look for a girl which I choose from dancing (refer back) These words borrowed from another song. Praising the chief and many people. People are saying that you are delayed (Incomplete).

ANUAK Project: FIELD NOTES – July 22, 1972

Retyped: June 12, 2019

We arrive in the singing area of Pokwo village by 12:05. This is Tok’s house on the outskirts of Pokwo. We tape Oyeli Omot’s singing who we have listened to before. About 30 surround us as we listen.

Tape 1 Side A

000 1 Young boys making promise to kill elephant. When killed, they make the song. From the village of Okuna.

041 2 General dancing from Okuna.

111 3 General dancing from Okuna (Pitch in question)

Picture 11 4F 15’ recording the girl singer.

211 4 When singing, young men dancing, men moving in and out. Some jumping in circle. From Okuna.

243 5 Nir-nam. An agreement will not eat salt till they kill elephant. When they killed the elephant, they made the song. So, went back and ate salt. A whole generation will make this vow.

256 6 General dancing from Okuna.

366 7 General Dancing from Okuna, not completed.

Tape 1 Side B

000 1 Lullaby

019 2 Nirnam: formed in marching: Okuna

030 3 Nirnam: from Okuna.

052 4 General dancing from Okuna

146 5 Love song.

172 6 Third woman sing song for general dancing from Gok (Athum Aballa)

179 7 Song for general dancing from Gok

337 8 Love Song

400 9 Love song.

435 10 Love song.

Side A tape 2

000 1 General Dancing.

Session concludes at 2:35 and we pay a fee of $2.00.