FOCUS Page 2 Omot Opiew sings his new Agwaga

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The Setting: Omot Opiew from Oboa, a composer of fine quality. This is a new song. Omot composed the song in July, sang it for the chief during the last week in July and taught the song to the people a week before this taping. By August second, he felt it was known well enough by the village.

The Song: this song is not against another village nor is it in any sense a war song. the composer tells the chief about his difficulties and how well he rules his village. The composer is simply and clearly begging something from the chief and those around him.

Text: The chief is as great as a mountain. (That is, as strong as the rocks.) I am a poor man; I don’t have land to go and farm. I have no grain. Where can I eat? There are people working against me who are liars. I came to this village because of you. You know that all in the village are praising you.