Love Songs July 10, 1972 - 6B Tierlul

02 Track 2.mp3

Recording #6B

Place of Recording: Tierlul

Date of Recording: July 10, 1972

Performance: Various soloists

Informant: Paul Abulla and Agwa Alem

Date of Transcript: July 26, 1972; Transcribed: August 10, 1972

1 000 Love Song.

Information: Song written by the singer, Olem? Wants to go to a certain place with his wife. Mentioning the names of his friends. Sung by soloist without accompaniment.

Text: If you agree to marry me, although I am poor, by our live we can live together. Again, why don’t you tell me if you refuse me. My poorness made me sing a song.

2 075 Love Song.

Information: There are two kinds of marriages in Anuak area. 1st kind: the boy chooses his girlfriend by himself 2nd: parents of a girl can give the girl to a person who is very rich. If she has already a boyfriend, and he is very poor. The boyfriend will try to take her from the rich man. The disagreement will start at this point. Song expresses the complaint that the rich man took his girlfriend. Men soloist.

3 143 Love Song.

Information: Complaining about rich man in this song. Male soloist

Text: The girls which we were supposed to marry were given to the old men already because of our poorness. She should not be given to a rich man. Would be better for her to be with me.

4 187 Love Song.

Information: Boy in Addis. Possibly the writer.

Text: I have already promised my girlfriend that I am going to marry her. So, because of one liar, I miss her. The liar he is telling about me is that he is very poor, he will never get anything to pay for you so don’t marry him. God will not give to you unless you struggle. After that, you will be helped by God.

5 204 Love Song.

Information: Drum accompaniment. Soloist. Married twice, His first wife was given to a rich man. His second wife was given to a rich man also. This song expresses this complaint.

Text: I’m not fit to marry any more unless I get money.

6 354 Love Song.

Information: Many songs are written about girlfriends given to rich men and the resulting unhappiness on the part of the boy and the girl.

Text: Even though my wife is given to a rich man, when I die, who will cry for me. My girlfriend will cry for me.